Analisis Sektor Jasa dan Penyerapan Tenaga Kerja di Kabupaten Banyuwangi

  • Suherman Suherman STIE Mandala
  • Siti Sundari STIE Mandala
Keywords: Labor absorption, Service sector, economic activity


Absorption of labor is fundamental to human life that stands up from social and economic aspects. The absorption of labor is one of the factors supporting economic development. Services are economic activities with expenditures (outputs) other than products that are consumed and produced at the same time which provide plus and intangible value for the buyer. The service sector is also key in poverty alleviation and equity: a quality logistics and distribution sector will reduce price disparities between various locations in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is the first is to find out what sectors are in the service sector, the second is from all sectors in the service sector which has the greatest effect on employment. The analysis techniques used in this study are Location Quotient and Shift Share. This type of data uses secondary data. Based on the results of calculations using the Location Quotient analysis technique the following results are obtained; The service sector consists of (1) Transportation and Warehousing Service Sector, (2) Information and Communication Services Sector, (3) Financial and Insurance Services Sector, (4) Real Estate Services Sector, (5) Corporate Service Sector, (6) Sector Educational Services, (7) Health Services and Social Activities Sector, (8) Other Services Sector.