Human Resources Development Strategy to Improve Knowledge Management (A Case Study on Online Transportation Services of CV. Aplikasi Joker)

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Alifian Nugraha
Reza Aditya Purnomo


This paper is aimed at determining the strategies applied in the development of human resource management in improving knowledge management for the drivers of CV. Aplikasi Joker. The problem of one company lies in human resources as a benchmark for driving the wheels of the company, where the company must develop a strategy in terms of human resource development in order to improve knowledge management in applying knowledge and skills in accordance with the company expectations. This research uses qualitative methods through data collection in the form of literature study, observation, interviews and documentation. There are four strategies in developing human resource management that are applied to CV. Aplikasi Joker to improve Knowledge Management, namely: (1) internal training strategy specifically for drivers, (2) personal approach strategy through area managers to drivers, (3) evaluation strategy among driver teams, and (4) strategy for implementing punishment in accordance with SOP. The digital era requires optimal knowledge management in maintaining the continuity of the company's business and requires optimal employee support to run a business properly and appropriately. Therefore, it is necessary to implement a strategy for the company to collaborate knowledge management with optimal human resource development.

Keywords : Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, CV Aplikasi Joker

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