Design of The Information System of The Quality Control on Mass Customization Production

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Yustina Suhandini Tjahjaningsih
Misdiyanto Misdiyanto
Ahmad Izzuddin


This study aims to build a quality control model on mass customization system based on information systems that inform the quality of the product and the ability to trace the final product. The problems of mass customization systems are quite complex because the  production lines often change according to customer orders. So, the quality assurance is demanded to be more precise according to the changing specifications. The possibility of claims and complaints from customers is greater than the mass production system. To minimize these problems, it is necessary to build a quality control system that utilizes an information technology system. It is to inform the quality defects that can be known quickly. The model is built by developing an initial model of quality control for mass customization production, the Defect Tracking Matrix (DTM) base on the House of Quality (HoQ). Analysis of determining product defects with the matrix model is limited  because of many modul. Therefore the use of information systems is effective to overcome the weaknesses of traditional DTM systems. The model is  made by the stages of the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), namely: planning, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance. Based on the analysis, the model is implemented to the Plywood Industry, especially Particle board Divisiont.

Keywords : Defect Tracking Matrix (DTM), SDLC, mass customization, quality control

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