Community Satisfaction Index in Healthcare Service of Community Central Health Service in Maron Probolinggo Indonesia

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Hermanto Hermanto
Renny Candradewi Puspitarini
Ngatimun Ngatimun


Public services are the spearhead of local government. The community health center plays a strategic role for health services at the upstream level for the community, including the Puskesmas in Maron District, Probolinggo Regency. Even though it is running well, the quality of these public services must be continuously under supervision where improvement must be nurtured. One method of understanding the quality of public services is by conducting an assessment using guidelines that have been determined by the government in the Regulation of the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform Number 14 of 2017 concerning Guidelines for Implementing Community Satisfaction Surveys in Public Service Units. There are 9 elements that are included in the assessment, which are Requirements (defined as U1), Procedures (defined as U2), Service Time, Fees / Rates (U3), Product Specifications for Service Types (U4), Implementer Competencies (U5), Implementer Behavior (U6), Complaint Handling (U7), Suggestions and Inputs (U8), and Health Facility Conditions (U9). This research concluded that the element that has the lowest Community Satisfaction Index is the element of health facility conditions (U9), the second lowest element is complaint handling (U7) and the element of service fees / rates (U3). While the element that has the highest Community Satisfaction Index is the element of product information or specifications for the type of service (U5), the second highest is the element of service procedures (U2). Total Community Satisfaction Index (CSI) is with a value of 74.926 in the Good category. These findings are useful as a benchmark for assessing the level of service quality available at Puskesmas Maron.

Keywords: community satisfaction index; performance; type of service; importance performance analysis; service procedure;

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