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Mustofa Mustofa
Dedy Wijaya Kusuma


The existence of the area around PT Semen Puger in Puger District, Jember Regency has become the object of PT Semen Puger's activities, which are carried out by PT Semen Puger which has caused its own problems for the community. On the one hand, the activities of PT Semen Puger have become an economic source for some people, but these activities have caused many negative impacts in the form of natural damage and changes in the behavior of the people around PT Semen Puger. To raise the economy of the local community, it still has enormous economic potential to be developed, namely agriculture and fishing (fishermen) as well as coastal and nature tourism activities.

The research method used is descriptive qualitative analysis. Data were collected by means of observation and interviews with structured questions supported by closed questionnaires to informants to find out opinions about the existence of the PT Semen Puger area, using the Snowball Sampling method. To find a solution to raise the community's economy so that it can coexist well so that the existence of the PT Semen Puger area directly or indirectly provides benefits to the surrounding community, especially the people of the Puger sub-district. As the area closest to the location of PT Semen Puger , the opportunity for developing supporting industries based on SMEs in the surrounding community to determine strategies and policies in the development of supporting industries is carried out by using a SWOT analysis approach.

The Indonesian government has passed the job creation law or omnibus law whose ultimate goal is to encourage national economic growth. The people of Puger District consist of Madurese and Javanese people. More than 50 percent of the population live from farming and fishing, the rest from trade, construction, services, animal husbandry, employees, and PT Semen Puger employees. The contrast between employees of PT Semen Puger and those who are not employees of PT Semen Puger often creates social jealousy. It is necessary to form an institution that manages CSR funds so that the supervision and use of funds can be more accountable.

Keywords: Cement Puger, Perception, society

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