Picking Up Village Community Herbal Business Opportunities In Pandemic Time Covid-19

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Bagus Qomaruzzaman Ratu Edi
Aang Kunaifi


The Village Community Herbal Business as a point of interest in the title of the article above is part of
the economic aspect that is usually carried out by economic actors in rural areas far from the hustle and bustle of the
city. The Covid-19 pandemic since March 2020 until it is uncertain when it will end, of course in general it will affect
production and marketing patterns with a multiplier effect, the quantity of income is decreasing as well as leading to a
decrease in the quality of life. Currently, health education has been included in itsS learning curriculum with Herbal
Courses. Herbal's business opportunities become more challenging to cultivate. How do villagers opportunities
through the herbal business space? Practical strategies: a) Preparing land and yards for the cultivation of herbal
medicinal plants; b) Provide practical training in synergy with related agencies and universities, from the cultivation
of herbal medicinal plants to their production and marketing; c) Provide assistance and product marketing assistance
both offline and online methods; d) Preparing follow-up programs in tune with changing economic and social
situations and conditions.With this practical training pattern, all parties can work together to help the herbal business
of the village community last a long time.
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