Instagram Marketing Strategy as an Effort to Increase Product Sales (Case Study on Hans Sport 05)

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Sampir Andrean Sukoco
Wahyudi Sutrisno


The role of social media is very big in running a modern business. One of the social media that can be used as an
online business is Instagram. This social media has several features to carry out a marketing strategy. Hans Sport 05
carries out a marketing strategy through an Instagram account called hans_sport_05. This study uses a qualitative
The Instagram marketing strategy carried out by Hans Sport 05 includes choosing a username that matches the field
of business, displays a profile photo with the HS business logo, as well as implementing an Instagram feed strategy
on a regular basis with a caption containing brief and clear product information. Another Instagram feature used by
Hans Sport 05 is Insta Story and Highlight which contains photos of customers who bought (testimonials), new
product, as well as some proof of consumer payment receipts. The next strategy is to take advantage of the Direct
Message feature to offer products through private channels to consumers.
Keywords : . Strategy, Instagram Marketing, Product.

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