Social Entrepreneurship: Village Owned Enterprises Development Strategy

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Rohim Rohim
Asmuni Asmuni
Ibnu Supriyadi


High rates of poverty and unemployment, social problems and free competition in both urban and rural areas are
problems that need to be addressed appropriately by the government. The government and all related parties need to
empower and protect the community by supporting, developing and multiplying the existence of social
entrepreneurship. One form of social entrepreneurship in the village is establishing Village-Owned Enterprises
(BUMDes). This research wants to know the extent of social entrepreneurship as one of the BUMDes development
strategies. This study used a qualitative research method, with interviews with several reliable sources in Bhinor
Village, Paiton District, Probolinggo Regency. This study shows several factors for the successful implementation of
social entrepreneurship as a strategy for developing BUMDes. There are four patterns of BUMDes development
strategies, namely: first, empowering local communities in exploring the potential of the village. Second, optimizing
Corporate Social Responsibility in developing BUMDes. Third, collaborating with Micro, Small and Medium
Enterprises (MSMEs) to develop local products. Fourth, promoting BUMDes business units through social media. In
short, social entrepreneurship has been proven to develop BUMDes that have succeeded in growing the economy in
the village.
Keyword : Social Entrepreneurship, Community Empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility, MSMEs, and
Social Media.

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