Optimization Comdev Program with Business Incubator Methods for Improving Economic Society at Balunganyar Village, Lekok, Pasuruan

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Mila Tartiarini
Akhmad Khayubi
Buyung Arianto


Community has played major role to improving the quality standard of its people. The community
empowerment program (comdev) then become a significant approach to empower community. PT
Indonesia Power (IP) Grati POMU has employed this method as a form of social responsibility to the
community nearby the Grati PLTGU plant. The business incubator method is to provide assistance to new
comdev programs to make a business sustainable and provide economic value to the community. Fresh
milk as nutritional drink during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been developed into Milky Cake and Milk
Ice at affordable prices to increase the value of fresh milk by the people at Balunganyar village, Lekok,
Pasuruan. The comdev business incubator is in the form of assistance starting from the selection and
treatment of raw materials, the flavors developed, understanding financial reports and marketing methods
for milk cake and milk ice. Since the training began at the end of 2020 and continued with the production
and sales, it was recorded that up to March 2021, the omzet is around Rp. 7.249.000,- and a profit of Rp.
2.476.000, - was felt by 10 members of the Fresh Milk group.
Keywords : Community development, Business Incubator, Fresh milk.

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