Influence of Memorability, Nostalgia, and Revisit Intention in Creative Tourism

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Widi Dewi Ruspitasari
Mega Mirasaputri Cahyanti


Creative tourism is a tourism activity where tourists can develop their creative potential through active
participation in learning experiences of art, heritage or special characters from the places they are visiting. The
condition of Covid 19 has decreased the number of tourists in East Java. The purpose of this study was to
determine the effect of memorability and nostalgia on revisit intention on creative tourism visiting the city of
Batu. The sample in this study was 100 respondents as tourism, were examined using an online questionnaire
on a 5-point Likert scale. The collected quantitative data were analysed using Partial Least Square analysis. The
results in this study indicate that the memorability of travel experiences affects insignificantly tourists' return
visit intentions over time. Memorability from previous travel experiences increase the intention of revisiting
through nostalgia. This study provides valuable insights for destination practitioners in terms of designing and
implementing effective strategies to manage past tourist’s expectations and promote their return visit intentions.
Keywords: Memorability, Nostalgia, Revisit Intention.

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