Entrepreneurial Orientation And Competitive Advantages For SMEs Batik In East Java Indonesia

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Murtianingsih Murtianingsih


he purpose of this study was to determine the effect of entrepreneurial orientation and competitive advantage in
Batik SMEs in East Java, Indonesia. The data used were obtained through a survey using a questionnaire, which was then
analyzed by descriptive statistics, correlation and linear regression.
The results of the study state that was a significant positive effect between entrepreneurial orientation [innovative,
proaktive, taking risk] and competitive advantages of batik SMEs in East Java, Indonesia. The development of batik SMEs
in East Java shows the potential that can continue to grow and needs to be encouraged to achieve competitive advantage, so
that Batik products from SMEs can continue to compete in both local and foreign markets.

Social implication at the research is the development of Batik SMEs can absorb labor, especially housewives, so
that they can increase income to support the family economy. Beside that Originality or the value of this study was used
entrepreneurial orientation variables, and competitive advantage in batik SMEs in East Java, which are products with local
cultural characteristics.
Keywords : Entrepreneurial orientation, Competitive Advantage, SMEs Batik

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