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Ratna Wijayanti Daniar Paramita
Noviansyah Rizal
Muchamad Taufiq
Muhaimin Dimyati


This research is qualitative that uses an ethnomethodology approach to uncover participation by cultural actors as an effort to preserve the Osing indigenous culture in Banyuwangi. At present the Government of Banyuwangi packs a variety of indigenous cultures and cultures in an event known as Banyuwangi Festival, an event that invites both domestic and foreign audiences. Meanwhile, cultural actors with all the limitations of their funds are trying to maintain the indigenous culture that has taken root in their village by establishing a cultural studio that is funded independently. After having a discussion in the Focuss Discussion Group (FGD) with parties who play a role in the preservation of the Osing indigenous culture by providing three alternative cultural CSR funding flow models, an agreement was reached that local companies would channel cultural CSR funds by providing direct guidance to cultural actors or owner of a cultural studio. The agreement was stated in an academic text sheet approved by the DPRD.

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