Factors that Affecting Total Export of PTTM’s Cigar to US

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Musaiyadi Musaiyadi


This paper aim to analyze how far is the effect of the economic variables which are the average price of PTTM's cigar export, the exchange rate of Rupiah against US Dollar, GSP of Ohio USA, toward the export of PTTM's total cigars in USA. By using quarterly data from 1996.1 to 2013.3 on ECM, this research finds out: (1) the average price of PTTM's cigars Export is significantly statistically influenced export of PTTM's total cigars in USA positively. (2) Exchange rate of Rupiah against USD is significantly statistically influences export of total PTTM's cigars in USA positively. (3) GSP of Ohio USA is significantly statistically influenced by export total of PTTM's cigars in USA positively. (4) All of those independent variables significant statistically and simultaneously influences export total PTTM's cigars in USA positively. From this results of study, this model significantly statistically influences the export of PTTM 's total cigars to USA. Because of the coefficient of average price of PTTM's cigars, export is positive-elastic, PTTM must increase the cigar price in USA. And, two other coefficient variables in this model can be used as consideration for PTTM in adapting its marketing mix programs in the USA market.

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