Local Community Participation in Developing Natural Tourism and Contribution Against Social Economic Society

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Nawangsih Nawangsih
Sukma Irdiana


The participation of local communities in the development of tourism becomes one of the indicators of the development of a tourist area. The local community's awareness of the environment and its contribution to social and economic aspects has a positive impact on regional development and development. The research is descriptive with qualitative approach. Technique of collecting data using interview, observation and documentation, sampling technique using purposive sampling, where informant research determined based on certain criterion in accordance with which have been determined. Data analysis used consisted of: data collection, data reduction, data presentation, verification and conclusion. The results show that the role of local communities in developing nature tourism is large, concern for the natural environment is poured in the vision and mission of the community with the goal of nature conservation. The contribution of the local community to the social and economic aspects of the community is applied in the form of activities by empowering the surrounding community through several activities, such as: making of waste banks and recycling of paper and plastic waste, making reading park for children and social activities others, for example in the form of in-service work in partnership with various parties involved in it

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